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Allergies may be just minor concerns for some, while not that negligible for others. An allergy is the body's aberrant reaction to some estranged substances. Any thing can cause allergy. It can be some foods, dust, feathers or furs, pollen grains, animals or even medicine. There are such things as peanut butter allergy, dog allergy, tomato allergy, and penicillin allergy.

These substances that a person is allergic to can be harmless to others. People react differently to different substances. When one's immune system responds abnormally to foreign elements, it is allergy. Allergen immunotherapy or allergy shots are ways of treating allergies especially those that are very disturbing and suffocating like that of a nasal congestion. Different types of allergy shots are applicable depending on allergy types.

When a person is experiencing allergic reaction to something, his or her body reacts in a way that it releases chemicals. One of these chemicals is the histamine. Congestion, itching, runny nose, sneezing, swelling are the common results of such reaction. For some, they will have an asthma attack. The histamine-release chemical is responsible for allergic reactions that affect in areas such as the eyes, throat, nose, skin, gastrointestinal tract or lungs as one's body fights off assaulting allergens.

Children are prone to allergies. But adults are not exempted either. Anyone can be allergic to something, though there are lucky few who rarely get one. You can control allergy symptoms by avoiding allergen for this triggers allergy. Allergens are usually present in dusts, pollens, saliva and dander of animals especially cats, birds, dogs, or rodents.

Other types of allergy are latex allergy, milk allergy in children, dust mite allergy and wheat allergies. Allergies can be hereditary. But it does not mean that a person can acquire the same allergy type. Just the fact that he or she is prone to get allergies. But there are some children who are allergic even with the absence of allergic members in the family. If a child is allergic to a particular substance, it is likely that he or she can be allergic to other substances as well.

Approximately 33% of the world's population at some point will consult a doctor for allergies or an allergy testing. This procedure has increasingly become sophisticated. Doctors, nurses, local health centers, hospitals and local pharmacist can assist you for allergy tests. Allergy test is performed to resolve specific substances that cause allergies to individuals.

The allergy testing procedures vary depending on the symptoms and conditions. These tests include skin prick test, patch test, blood test, radioallergosorbent test (RAST) and other form of tests. Food allergy test is done by elimination diets wherein suspected Food Recipes are taken out from the diet one by one and re-introduced gradually while allergic reactions are observed if there are any.

Allergies are not to be taken lightly. It can get serious and severe too. Too much congestion can be fatal. Any health disorders have to be given extra care and attention. A severe allergy obstructs breathing and is life-threatening. These severe reactions or anaphylaxis as they are called scarcely occurs, but when they do, medical treatments can be successful if administered timely and properly. On time remedy is all-important regardless of any allergy condition. Sometimes, playing safe is favorable.

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